David Hogan (dhog) - memorial

Steph Wade's Memories

    Date:Mon May 5 08:15:17 PDT 2003 
    Location: home 
    Music: none 
    Mood: crushed 

    R.I.P. dhog.  http://unauthorised.org/dhog/index.html

    David Hogan, a.k.a. dhog did a very stupid thing and mixed his
    drugs and alcohol.

    I found out last night when my friend Edwin called me.

    I spent the night sobbing that he's gone.

    David moved to the Bay Area around the same time that PeeWee
    and I moved here, and we met when David sent out a request to
    the sfgoth list for a ride to Convergence III.

    Someone else ended up giving him a lift, but we'd promised
    we'd find each other in the crowd since we were both new to
    the area.

    It was at C3 that PeeWee also got to know and love dhog, because
    dhog is the man who created 9wm, which PeeWee had used extensively.
    Both being linux geeks, they bonded immediately.

    We all started hanging out, and then we met Blark and Danyeke.
    All of us lived in San Mateo/Foster City so we began carpooling
    to the clubs.  On a particularly drunken night, I declared us
    to be the "Suburban Hell fucking Crew", which the group adopted
    as our official name, and reminded me of this later on after I'd
    sobered. Much giggling and drunkenness and fun ensued between all
    of us.

    At one point, we got David so drunk that he puked on our floor.
    PeeWee, being in full fan-boy mode, wrote to our Cabal back in
    Michigan about this, and just short of holding up the puke for
    all to see, declared lovingly, "dhog puked on our floor!"
    He was so glad to know dhog - a linux genius and idol, very
    shy and polite yet sick and twisted like the rest of us.

    When dhog moved to New Jersey for a job that basically bowed
    down and begged him, and offered him LOTS of money, I was very
    sad to see him go. I hung out with dhog until he left. He needed
    extra cash to get started, so I bought up a bunch of his furniture
    for over $200. PeeWee, I, and now Badger, still have dhog's
    furniture items.

    Last night while Badger and I sat in our new apartment chatting,
    the topic of a bookshelf I'd given Badger came up, and I launched
    into the history of how I got it from dhog, and the topic turned
    into reminiscing about dhog himself.  The last time I saw David
    was July 13, 2002 when he returned to the Bay Area for a friend's
    wedding. I drove down to Santa Cruz where dhog was staying and
    we hung out, and I dropped him off at the wedding.

    The last thing I said to Badger last night was that I worry about

    That was around 8:30pm last night.

    Badger drove me back to my apartment in San Jose, which I'm not
    moved out of (we only moved Badger this weekend), and that's
    when Edwin called me with the news.  So I found out around 9:30
    or 10pm last night.  Edwin sent me the mail which That Cliff
    had sent him around midnight east coast time, saying he'd found
    out about an hour ago...which would have been 11pm east coast
    time, and around 8pm our time, during the time when I was
    reminiscing about dhog.........

    The only picture I ever took of dhog is the one above, but
    more pix are here: