Ethnicity, Identities and more

Nils Zurawski (zurawsk@UNI-MUENSTER.DE)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 11:02:28 +0100

As always with the subject of ethnicity and what goes along with it the
matter is quite complex.
In the varios postings a lot of different viewepoints and subjects were
touched, though all connected in some way.

So Thomas Love wrote: "Robert, please help us understand, then, why these
excluded peoples might choose to express their identities sometimes in
"ethnic" ways, but othertimes in "class" or "race" (you used the concept)
or "other" ways."

Ethnicity provides only one ressource for a selfdescription or as I firmly
belive self-organization depending on the situation. In the cases Robert
Johnso put forward, class and ethnicity are hihly related, though depending
on the actual situation one of these will be stressed more in use of
Gender for instance would be another ressource that would fit into that
category and has a lot to do with ethnicity, esspecially in the case of
migrants and there use of ethnicity and other ressources for dealing with
the society of the country they migrated to.

Etnicity is 8as was stated before) dynamic. That's also what Sider says in
teh article John McCreery recommends.
"The identities of all three were, says Sider, negotiated
in a complex situation in which the larger categories
"Indian," "White," and "Negroes" were also being
And they were newly formed. As for the Africans that came from totally
different backgrounbds in Africa now had to live together. There new
ethnivcity became "being Black" and today "afircan-american", it again

I find this subject highly interesting, esspecially when it comes to
glaobal-society, a world labour-market and the possibilities of new
communication media like the Internet. I do not think that ethnicity will
stop here - Some Usenetgroups give a good example how vivid it can be, even
when here is only language left and the written word.

For my Ph.D. am interested in just that. The possibilities of ethnic and
other groups (with a special focus on "third world" countries) on the
Internet (which shall stand for new communication media of all kinds and
the complexity of a global society in general).

For the people that were interested in literature on ethnicity. I have list
of about 80 titles from my masters thesis, some of the titles are in german
and french, but there is still a lot in English though. If someone wishes
to have alook, I will post it directly, not to the list.

that's all for now.