Archaeological Lab Position at Monticello

Fraser Neiman (fn9r@POE.ACC.VIRGINIA.EDU)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 06:29:40 -0400


I'd appreciate it if you could bring this to the attention of people
you think might be interested. Applications should go via snail
mail to the Personel Officer at the address given below, not to me.

Thanks very much.

Fraser Neiman

------------------------P L E A S E P O S T -----------------------

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation seeks an Archaeological
Laboratory Supervisor, responsible for overseeing all aspects of
lab organization and operations in the Department of Archaeology at
Monticello. Responsibilities include processing, identification,
cataloguing, and storage of artifacts, reporting from and
maintenance of computer-based artifact catalogue, artifact
research, and report preparation for both previously and newly
excavated assemblages. Requirements include strong organizational
skills, experience with relational database applications,
preferably in networked Windows environment, knowledge of
artifacts of Anglo-America to circa 1860, M.A. in anthropology or
related field, with emphasis on archaeology, or B.A. and equivalent
experience, five years experience in archaeology, two years
experience in a supervisory capacity in an archaeological
laboratory. Send resume, cover letter, and the names of three
references to: Personnel Officer, P.O. Box 316, Charlottesville,
VA 22902.