Banning RJ & related topics

Jan Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.NMSU.EDU)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 15:48:08 MDT

Personally, I'd rather RJ was not banned from the list. Sometimes I read
his posts and sometimes I do not. Now, when he bad mouths someone, I just
stop reading and delete his post.

A previous post from another person mentioned list liability due to a member
slandering or libeling others. That does concern me. Maybe Hugh could comment
more on this?

Yet another post mentioned the effects of "spamming," particularly when one
belongs to a number of lists and so does the spammer. Could we perhaps as a
group work out some sort of policy of reposting long messages? For example,
could one post to the list a statement that she or he has a post re. x topic
x pages long and will post it to the list if several people so request to the
list? I dunno, maybe this is too naive a solution. Or, maybe the policy could
be that if a sender feels a message is of import, then she or he should write
a summary of that material and then give information to the list on how to
obtain the original post (don't most lists have "get logs," or whatever those
things are called?).

Well, this is page two on my computer, so I'll stop here. I hope I was not
talking nonsense. Happy holidays. Jan Wilson (who will be working over the
holidays) G1824303 at