Banning RJ & related topics

Fri, 1 Sep 1995 22:33:28 EST

Dear anthro folks...I held off posting this announcement to
you all until I felt more sure more of you were back from
summer holidays. I'm hoping (lots) to be able to rejoin this
list in Bucharest, but that may be uncertain. Personal e-mail
however is assured. All best,
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I'm reposting this because I may have missed some people--
summer holidays and all.
I am off soon, too soon, to Bucharest--leaving Ottawa Sept.13.
Right now I am looking at two big suitcases and wishing they
could stoplooking smaller by the minute. Everything but packing
is done including a score of innoculations received and a wealth of
healthful potions purhased....but last-minute suggestions are
more than welcome. So feel free to offer advice. It's appreciated.
Maureen Korp
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Dear Religion folks--
Whatever it is I think I know about world religions, the
teaching thereof, is about to undergo a critical (and I expect
humorous) reevaluation. I am going to be teaching Eastern and
Western religions, plus contemporary art and religion at the
University of Bucharest during the 1995-96 academic year.

My sessional posting as a senior lecturer is courtesy the
Civic Education Program. CEP is affiliated with Yale University and
the Central European University and is funded by the Soros
Foundation. As you may know, the Soros people are the major n.g.o.
working on social and economic reform and human rights issues in
eastern Europe. This year there will be 130 CEP volunteers in 15
countries--12 of us are posted to Romania. Mostly we are
an international cohort of lawyers, economists, sociologists and a few
historians. I'll be the only one lecturing in World Religions in
the region. Rumours are this gives me the opportunity to lecture at
other universities,too. It's going to be an exciting year and I'm
really pleased to have the opportunity to do good AND be employed.

One of the CEP goals is to foster collegial ties between our home
universities and our CEP sites--particularly with regard to future

This discussion list is, for me, part of my "home base." So, dear
sight-unseen colleagues, I'd be appreciative of receiving specific
information concerning any exchange projects in the social sciences
(plus history of religions and art history) your schools sponsor
for colleagues from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

I will have e-mail in Bucharest, but likely not until month's end
under my own address. You may however post to me c/o the project
leader Liana Ghent:

Thanks much / Multumesc foarte mult!

Maureen Korp, Ph.D.

Maureen Korp--CEP
Fundatia Soros
Calea Victoriei 155
C.P. 22-196
Bucharest, Romania