Re: intentional comm...

John Barker . (Baka007@AOL.COM)
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 12:53:38 EDT writes:

I have seen a couple of postings now concerning Intentional Communities.
I would be interested to know what an Intentional Community is. If it is
something basic to anthropology that I have simply not managed to run
across I apologize in advance.

I have usually seen "intentional community" applied to what used
to be called "utopian communities"; i.e., Oneida, Shakers,
Walden II, Metlakatla (secular, religious, fictional and real). I
haven't seen it extended to the Internet, but it is an interesting
idea -- certainly some writings about the electronic highway have
an Utopia feel. As the label includes many different kinds of
things, the student who started this series of comments might
wish to specify his interests more narrowly -- philosophic,
ethnographic, historical?

John Barker, UBC