Flint Knapping ref.

Wed, 7 Sep 1994 08:26:16 -0800

Regarding the discussion on how long it might take to learn a basic
level of proficiency in flintknapping:
you may wish to consult a short article by Roy D. (Johnson) Iutzi-
Mitchell, 1976,
Time and Flint Needed to Acquire Secondary Thinning Bifacial
Reduction Skills. __Newsletter_of_Lithic_Technology__ 5(3):26-27.
I based it on an extremely small sample (three of us) learning to
make bifaces in an experimental archaeology class taught by
Errett Callahan at Virginia Commonwealth University. We were able
to (as I recall, without tracking down the article!) make
reasonably passable bifaces after a couple weeks practice. Nice
symmetrical 'hand axes' were much more difficult for me than "bird"
arrow points.
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