Re: Hicks' bad day

Alx V. Dark (avd5863@IS.NYU.EDU)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 15:57:18 -0400

Sorry to everyone on the list. . . had I known Sherwin Hicks would have
found reason in a personal message I sent to him to go public with more
flaming on the list, I would have refrained.

Regarding violence of "people of color" against "people
of color," I think the empires of the Aztecs, Mongolians, Egyptians,
Bantus, and Arabs would all likely apply. In our own time, the Chinese
invasion of Tibet or the recent massacre of people in Rwanda are both
unfortunate examples of violence that does not stem _directly_ from
colonial or cold war policies. Where does the legacy of European power
end and the responsibility of one people to another begin? Sooner than
these bloodbaths.

It is said that the only thing
which prevented the Mongolians from completing their invasion of Europe
was the death of Ghengis Khan just prior to the moment when his armies
had planned to move past Vienna. It was the custom of the time for the
royalty which led his army to return to Mongolia for the funeral, and so
they temporarily withdrew, giving those on the other side time to
organize for their return. (Its sounds apocryphal, I know, but my wife
heard the story in relation to her Russian studies. The Mongols were
hell on the Russians but they did, for all their troubles, get a postal
system out of their participation in that empire).

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