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Arne G Carlsten (agc@PINE.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 13:28:14 -0700

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Subject: Re: your mail
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 13:18:04 -0700

Ok, I'll take your challenge:

Oppression of the San by Bantus in southern Africa
Oppression of the Korean minority in Japan
Oppression of Hmong and other tribal "Montagnard" people by the Vietnamese
Oppression of the Timorese by the Indonesians
Oppression of the Tibetans by the Chinese

And while we're talking about oppression, there's plenty of "White" folks
being oppressed by other "White" folks, or does it require melanin to
be a victim?

Irish, Scots, Welsh by the English
Poles, Sorbs and other Slavs by the Germans
Basques by the Spanish
Croats and Bosnians by Serbs (or vice versa)
Bretons by the French

There's more than enough oppression and victimization to go around. Open
_your_ eyes: if racism is wrong, then it is _wrong_. Your argument doesn't
hold water. Your statements _are_ racist: irregardless of the ability
to enforce them, you certainly have the mens rea.

Arne Carlsten
Northern Arizona University