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Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 15:56:02 EDT

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On Sat, 22 Oct 1994 13:41:17 -0500 (CDT) you said:
>Would pre-European slave trade among the chiefdoms and kingdoms of Africa
>apply to this point. How about the treatment of women as opposed to men
>when the melanin level is the same? Seen any info from the inner city
>about gender equality on the news lately?
This is exactly the kind of response I expected, and asked not to receive!!
My question, stated differently for those of you needing to read things in
a variety of ways before responding directly, "Is it possible to find, in
the history of the world, a situation where the 'melanin deficient' were
oppressd economically, politically, and/or educationally, by People of color?".

Don't hurt yourselves running to the library!!!

Just the facts please!!!! I can imagine that most will be angered by this
question, and I know why. By realizing the implication of this question, the
"melanin deficient" will seek to divert attention from themselves and toward
other issues. The implication of this question blows Rushton's crime
statistics out of the water. The Europeans are the MOST violent people
in the history of human existence. This is the point I want to drive into the
heads of those who refuse to read history and somehow find the nerve to present
themselves as experts. I don't care what type of degrees an individual may
have obtained in his or her life, until ALL the data has been examined, and
the individual impact of each type of data has been determined, I refuse
to engage in anymore conversation on the issue of race and I.Q.. Some of you
may think this is a good thing (he's gone, no more questions regarding
Europe's violent pattern toward People of Color) but, no matter how you people
choose to justify your history, no matter how many times you pat each other
on the back for inventing theories of inferiority for People of Color, you
will always know within your heart and mind that Europeans are RESPONSIBLE for
the global condition of decay experienced by the People of Color. Once the
trend of pseudo-justification is over, the people who desire a world of
righteousness may begin their work.

It is true that I used racist terms but, it is not true that I am able to
practice racism. If this were the case, you would have no problem answering
my above question.