And we have to put up with NAS too? AAARGH!

Thu, 20 Oct 1994 01:29:38 +0000

>I thought you might like to hear that some seemingly rational survivors are
>adamantly struggling to regain the upper hand over the current onslaught of
>pseudoscientists and opportunist irrationalists. Especially, most especially
>those who believe they are clever, creative and original, and despise the
>conscientious student who believes science is a serious matter which demands
>a lot of reading, permanent learning, a rigorous attitude towards empirical
>grounds, and a great deal of self-criticism (which implies one's conviction
>that one is never clever enough).

Hmmm. I do think there are people out there clever and creative who are not
pseudoscientists or opportunist irrationalists, and some of them do a lot
of reading, believe they can always learn more, accept empirical evidence,
and are self-critical. Some may even be conscientious.

>SCIENCE (vol. 265), 9 September 1994, page 1508, published the following
> """""""""""""""""""""""
> * John Maddox said so in "Nature" (vol.368)
> * Gerald Holton said so in "Science and Anti-Science"
> * Richard S. Nicholson said so in "Science" (vol.261)
> * Paul R Gross and Norman Levitt said so in "Higher Superstition"

Oh no. Gross & Leavitt. Spillover from the STS list. I need a beverage.

Hmmm, one of the things I learned in skool wuz "just cuz they says so don't
mean it's so..."

>Formerly the attacks came from outside the academic and scientific
>disciplines. Increasingly, now, they come from within.


>These attacks are dangerous:
> * They undermine public confidence
> * They alter directions of research
> * They affect funding
> * They subvert the standards of reason and proof

They suggest science is a socially and culturally situated activity.
Occasionally, this results in results 1 through 3; I do not think it
results in result four.

>THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARS is an organization of academics and
>independent scholars formed to combat the irrationality and politicization
>now thriving in university life.

It's also an organization dedicated to fighting "political correctness" on
campus. Sorry, Hugh, this isn't slander. It's in their literature.

>Our conference on "Objectivity and Truth in the Natural Sciences, the Social
>Sciences and the Humanities" will take place November 11-13 at the Boston
>Marriott, Cambridge. Among our speakers are:
> * Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics, University of Texas
> * Gerald Holton, Mallinkrodt Professor of Physics, Harvard University
> * Paul R. Gross, Professor of Life Sciences, University of Virginia
> * Gerald Weissmann, New York University Medical School
> * Michael McElroy, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard
> University

Like somebody said, no social scientists or STS scholars. Hmmm, nobody from
the humanities either. (So what are they doing in the conference title?)
Anybody surprised?

>For information about the conference, NAS membership, or our journal,
>"Academic Questions", write to:
> National Association of Scholars
> 575 Ewing Street
> Princeton, New Jersey 08540-2741
> 609 683 7878
> fax: 609 683 0316
> E-mail:
> Juan Carlos Garelli, MD
> Attachment Research Center
> Juncal 1966, 6B, 1116 Buenos Aires, Argentina
> E-mail: Fax: +54-1 812 5432

I can't shake this feeling; ANTHRO-L has suddenly become a spam magnet for
right wingers. Whoa, was that slanderous?


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