Rushton, race and selling books

John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 15:05:06 +1000

I agree with Mike L.

What's Rushton up to? Is the thread he initiated just about brain size
and intelligence? Bonnie B. answered his assumptions adequately. But he
still pursue his argument.

I am interested to see if Rushton answers Rob.P's list

But in the end I come back to Mike's position. The debate about race,
brain size and intelligence is a furphy. From anthropologist perspective it
interesting to see how one person can manipulte the list - to what end?
The cynic in me would have it that Rushton is seeking some sort of
credentials by "engaging" in a 'debate" when he, I suggest, has already a
certain agenda. Is he using stats to 'prove' his theory, or does his
theory prove the stats. And, why does an anthropological perspective
sends him into a spin?

Besides, those people who seem smarter than me also seem to have smaller
crania. Had Rushton considered some form of 'compensation' going on here?
In other words, do people with smaller brains 'perform' better? :-)

So, go sell your book, but I for one could not support what appears to be
a "a priori' position.