Re: race theories

J. Kehaulani Kauanui (j.kauanui@AUCKLAND.AC.NZ)
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 17:10:32 +1200

I am a new subscriber (as of two days ago) and seem to have gotten
online in the thick of some really sinister stuff. Hot for a talk
show maybe...

These same issues arose in 1991 at UC Berkeley with Professor Vincent
Sarich's --in the Department of Anthropology--assertions that brain
size and intelligence with regard to race and gender could also be
linked to the retention rates for students of color. Of course there
was no mention that the fees to attend the UC schools were increased

Racial classifications themselves have been flexible over time and
closely related to the agenda of the ruling government. While Native
Hawaiians are still subjected to a 50% blood quantum rule,
imposed by US federal and state of Hawaii governments--we have also
been classified simultaneously as "Asian Pacific" and "Native

Michael Omi's book _Racial Classification in the US_ is
interesting, though he doesn't mention Pacific peoples under US

Mahalo--(thanks) to Lieber's comments regarding the issues
recently raised on this network.

Like Elaine Winters who inquired, I too am interested in materials on
diasporic Pacific Islanders. I am currently examining census
assessments of Kanaka Maoli living off-island.

I am interested in dialogues around indigenous nationalisms,
community formations of indigenous peoples displaced from their
traditional lands, structures for self-governance and decolonization,
oceanic sexualities and colonization, and other issues of
contemporary Pacific politics.

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