News at Ten: Listowner appologises to list for undue censorhip

Wed, 19 Oct 1994 22:51:20 EDT

Hi, all. Well, as many of you have pointed out, I have not been
consistent with my policy of "editorial control" over anthro-l. I
agree that I have let a number of rather "political" threads run,
while reacting very strongly to others. I agree, and wish to take
this time to apologise for my over-reaction and undue censorship of
the discussion of American Anthropologist editorial policy and
content. I guess this means that the thread is now again open. BUT,
please take note that I am *not* inviting criticism of that journal.
The listowners of anthro-l do not encourage criticism of anyone!

Personally, I feel that the editors of American Anthropologist are
doing a splendid and typically thankless job. I think the latest
issue was very interesting and look forward to the next.

Hugh Jarvis

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