Race and Crime

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Rushton on Crime

Another theoretical puzzle. In the 1990 issue of the Canadian Journal
of Criminology I collated INTERPOL data to show that around the world the
Asian/European/African gradient in violent crime found within the USA
was to be found internationally. Averaging over the 1984 and 1986 Yearbooks
and aggregating over Murder, Rape, and Serious Assault, I examined the
data from nearly 100 countries to find figures per 100,000 population
of African/Caribbean = 142; European/Middle Eastern = 74; and Pacific
Rim = 43.

I have now completed a follow up study using the latest INTERPOL Yearbook
and find:


Asian European African/Caribbean

(N = 12) (N = 41) (N = 23)

Rates per 100,000

Murder 3 5 13

Rape 3 6 17

Serious Assault 27 63 213

TOTAL 32 75 240

(Some rounding errors)

Of course these statistics are problematic but they are remarkably
robust and are sent in by the responding country. The crime categories
are defined by INTERPOL in their Yearbooks to try to bring some standardization.
They mean that the cause of the USA crime x race disproportions are not
due to any particulars of USA society eg the legacy of slavery, white racism.

Try race differences in testosterone which also differentiates the
races in the predicted direction and may also help explain sexual behavior
differences and sexually transmitted disesases like AIDS.

Knowledge may bring benefits; Ignorance and anger will not.

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