Anthro-l policy regarding ads/bulk mailings (question)

Wed, 19 Oct 1994 14:45:51 EDT

A number of people have made comments and suggestions about the policy
anthro-l should/might have in regards to the posting of bulk mailings
and ads on our list. Two recent posts are good examples. The first
was a request from a soon-to-be non-profit organisation looking to
raise money to purchase an important cultural property. The second was
from an individual who has published a book and wanted to let us all
know where we could purchase it.

Both items were of potential anthropological relevance. As a listowner,
I reacted favourably toward the first, and negatively toward the second.
Now I have been made aware of the inconsistency in my action (oh no, not
again...!), I think I will put it to you. What do you people think we
should do?

My feeling is that non-anthropological material is typically undesirable,
unless it has direct relevance to anthropologists. An exception could be
an action taken toward an anthropologist by an institution which we as
fellow anthropologists feel uniquely qualified to shed light upon.

However, ads, notices, bulk mailing which has clear anthropological
relevance perhaps should be welcomed.

Any items which were of dubious relevance could be sent to the listowners
for a decision.

A clear statement of that policy can be placed in the welcoem message
new subscribers get when they are added to the list, and the monthly
"statement of being".

So, please give me your feelings on this topic. As these ads only
crop up opccasionaly, I don't think you have much to fear about
increased traffic.


Hugh Jarvis

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