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Could someone please answer my question posted below????

> Rushton on Crime
> Another theoretical puzzle. In the 1990 issue of the Canadian Journal
>of Criminology I collated INTERPOL data to show that around the world the
>Asian/European/African gradient in violent crime found within the USA
>was to be found internationally. Averaging over the 1984 and 1986 Yearbooks
>and aggregating over Murder, Rape, and Serious Assault, I examined the
>data from nearly 100 countries to find figures per 100,000 population
>of African/Caribbean = 142; European/Middle Eastern = 74; and Pacific
>Rim = 43.
> I have now completed a follow up study using the latest INTERPOL Yearbook
>and find:
> Asian European African/Caribbean
> (N = 12) (N = 41) (N = 23)
>Rates per 100,000
>Murder 3 5 13
>Rape 3 6 17
>Serious Assault 27 63 213
>TOTAL 32 75 240
>(Some rounding errors)
> Of course these statistics are problematic but they are remarkably
>robust and are sent in by the responding country. The crime categories
>are defined by INTERPOL in their Yearbooks to try to bring some
> They mean that the cause of the USA crime x race disproportions are not
>due to any particulars of USA society eg the legacy of slavery, white racism.
> Try race differences in testosterone which also differentiates the
>races in the predicted direction and may also help explain sexual behavior
>differences and sexually transmitted disesases like AIDS.
> Knowledge may bring benefits; Ignorance and anger will not.

Could this data explain the high levels of rape, murder, and serious assault
put into action, on a global basis, against People of Color during
the 1400's, 1500's, 1600's, 1700's, 1800's, and the 1900's ????

Answer: Hell no!! Europeans have THE MOST violent history to date!!!

I wonder how Rushton would explain this??? I guess barbarians come in all
flavors. With this fact established, this debate is flat. How does one
explain any expansionist effort as humane?? A hero in one culture is a
murderer in another (which explains Rushton). It's all academic!!

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