FW: Nieman-Marcus Cookies

Bosley_J (BosleyJ@ORE.PSB.BLS.GOV)
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 09:43:00 EST

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Adrienne Dearmas wrote:
> What about the one about the two guys from (pick any small town) who hit
> deer and thought they killed it. Rather than waste the meat, they put it
> have never hit the deer in the first place!! :?) Anyone else?

>>That's an old Woody Allen story from when he was only famous in the
Catskills (as an entertainer, not a hunter!)<<

Herb Caen, the SF Chronicle columnist, had a similar story a few years back
about a woman in Marin County who allegedly hit a bobcat with her BMW and,
finding that it was still alive, took it to the local wild-animal vet (I
wouldn't believe that part except in Marin County...) for treatment. As I
recall the tale, the cat didn't come to until after she'd gone into the
vet's office to get him to help, and when they returned to the car, the
bobcat was methodically shredding her leather upholstery...

>>But the following is TRUE, I am not making this up:A canadian poacher over
the border in northern Maine was spotted by a


in case you didn't know, people in Maine are all pretty much exactly like
they are depicted on TV) sauntered down and arrested him. Honest!<<

We believe you, Greg--Honest!! :-) But at least the Maine-iac had sense enuf
not to shoot the moose again in mid-lake; I can see it now, the moose
sinking and taking the boat with it!!

One of my best friends is from a small town in Maine and my favorite Maine
story among many that he's told me goes like this:

A tourist comes to a fork in the road in Maine--the sign on one fork says
"Portland, 28 miles" while the sign on the other fork says "Portland, 29
miles." There's a native standing nearby so the tourist yells, "Hey there,
Mister--does it matter which one of these roads I take to get to Portland?"
The Maine man takes his pipe out of his mouth and replies, "Not to me it