Re: 3 questions re simulation games

Michael Ashkenazi (mashkena@ACS.UCALGARY.CA)
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 08:58:34 -0700

Dear Joan:

How does one get hold of Omohundro, or of his Rice Paddies sim? I use a
MAc and would love to try it.

Mike Ashkenazi

BTW, we should consider looking into the issue of sim games more closely,
in both negative and positive aspects, for anthropologists and teachers.
I agree that Civ is limiting, but the problem is not the violence (youCAN
win the game without violence, in fact, the less the better in terms of
points) the problems are more the assumptions made (and I understand the
progframming and design problems that force this) about how civilizations
function, which have inherent biases in them. I wrote about some of them
to Sid Meier (the designer) and understand that Civ II is coming out.
Lets hope he incorporated some of them (or even better, rethought some of
the concepts).