Middle East Cultures and Peoples

Wed, 22 Nov 1995 09:25:22 -0600

A number of books come to mind - none of them texts, but could be used
as supplementary readings...

1. Anything by Abdelrahman Munif - but in particular - Cities of Salt, a
fine novel about the coming of the oil companies to Saudi Arabia and its
impact on bedouin culture

2. Said K Aburish's The House of Saud - an exposee, at times emotional
but generally solid scholarship on the Saudi Monarchy

3. Fred Halliday's Arabia Without Sultans. Dated (1975), but still containing
excellent background material on the Arabian Peninsula from the beginning
of the 20th Century through the early 1970s. Good cultural material at the
outset which turns political soon afterwards. Still, very useful in my

Rob Prince