Re: Gift-giving, Debt, and Social Negotiation

Nils Zurawski (zurawsk@UNI-MUENSTER.DE)
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 10:26:38 +0100

> I am reposting this in case it got lost in the shuffle. I am interested in
>the the negotiation of social obligation in egalitarian
>and intermediate socieites. I have been given some references such as
> Aldenderfer 1993 Ritual, Hierarchy, and Change in Foragin Strategies
> Bender 1990 The Dynamics of Nonhierarchical societies
> Clark and Blake 1994
> Power and Prestige: Competitive Generosity and the Emergence of Rank
>Socieites in Lowland Mesoamerica
>If you have some good references and/or would like to make some comments or
>join in a general discussion of the issues


I suggest Marcel Mauss' 'The gift' ('Essai sur le don'). It was published a
while ago, but it still very interesting to read.

Then there is 'Tobelo' by JDM Platenkamp, a dutch anthropologist, which
deals with rituals an social obligation. I believe it was published in 1993
but I am not sure. I will check that.

I also have an intersting article on obligations and the problems this
reciprocity faces ib our societies, i.e. we name the thing corruption. It
is in German though, but if you or anybody else is interested I will
snail-mail it to him /her.

I hope that helps