anthropological research

Bent Jorgensen (jorgensn@UNIXG.UBC.CA)
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 21:49:09 -0800

Dear list members,

I'm going to spend two months in a small village in Brazil and I was
suggested to develop an anthropological study on a local extended family.
This family has two well-known characteristics:
1 - unlikely other local families, a great number of its members have wed
close relatives (mainly cousins);
2 - the occurrence of people with some kind of mental or physical
handicap within this family is much higher than the local average.

Although I am an anthropologist my area of interest has, so far, been
totally different from this subject. So, I will be pleased to have
suggestions on which approach shall I take in case I decide to develop
this study, as well as bibliographical references.
Thank you. Vera Botelho