"Reinventing" Self/Other

Mike Salovesh (t20mxs1@CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU)
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 23:57:51 -0600

It's interesting to see the reappearance of ideas from Charles Horton
Cooley and George Herbert Mead after all these years. It's even more
interesting to note that nobody participating in this thread cites them.
It's probably sexier and more with it to cite Bakhtin or to reinvent
the whole idea of a "looking-glass self", but why should we have to?

OK, so Cooley and Mead were sociologists and they were working at it
before most of us were born . . . but surely some anthropologist besides
me must have read Erving Goffmann's amplifications of Mead's framework?
(Cf. __The presentation of self in everyday life__, for starters.)

I guess having these citations on my mind is punishment for volunteering
to teach our course on the history of anthropological theory this
semester. I'm surprised Dan Foss hasn't jumped in yet . . .

See you in Washington!

mike salovesh <salovesh@niu.edu> PEACE!