Re: Environmental Anthropology

Jason Paiement (jpaiemen@CCS.CARLETON.CA)
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 05:46:27 GMT

Dan Antonioli (dantonio@EFN.ORG) wrote:
> I'm trying to find literature on environmental anthropology. I'm
> somewhat familiar with the works of Bennet and Netting, but I haven't
> really found anything entitled "environmental anthropology." I've
> searched several university databases, the AAA Guide, AAA newsletter, and
> talked with several anthropologists, but so far not much on this topic.

> Any information would be appreciated, especially departments and/or
> practicing anthropologists who are more or less in the "environmental
> anthropology" genre.

> --Dan Antonioli

hi dan;
ever think of trying "ECOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY"
INSTEAD OF ENVIRONMENTAL... i'm reading something now by R. Rappaport
called Ecology,Meaning and Religion, but it sometimes hopelessly
flounders in sterile functionalism.
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