graduate research

Wed, 1 Nov 1995 23:46:00 PST

Wight comments:

"I originally was looking at the female initiation rituals among the
Baruya in terms of the model 'nature-culture/female-male' in an effort to
discern how this model applied to their society, if it could be used to
explain female subordination, if it could be used to uncover the
underlying logic behind this subordination."

The nature:women :: culture: men model is not universal and whether or not it
applies to a given group depends, as Wight recognizes, upon the facts of the
particular group. It does not apply to the !Kung--if anything, the analogy
women: culture :: men: nature makes more sense for the !Kung. Could such a
model account for subordination? Only if one also demonstrated a super/sub
relationship between culture and nature for the group (or between nature and
culture, depending on which model is invoked).

D. Read