Anthro and Aging bibliography

Mitch Allen (mitch@SAGEPUB.SAGEPUB.COM)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:04:46 -0800

\Please add to your bibliography two books Sage is doing:

Jennie Keith et al, THE AGING EXPERIENCE. Summary of the
Project AGE, a 10 year, 10 site, 7 anthropologist collaborative
project. October 1994.

Ellen Holmes and Lowell Holmes, OTHER CULTURES/ELDER YEARS, 2nd
edition. The only textbook on aging and culture I know of. Due for
publication April 1995.

For more information on either, contact

The Assn. for Antrho and Gerontology publishes an extensive
bibliography of related books and articles in every issue of their
newsletter. It's quite useful.

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