Re: Interests other than Johnson

David Tiller (n9341623@GONZO.CC.WWU.EDU)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:33:24 -0800

cultural anthropological topics dealing with Eastern European Culture.
I'am particularly interrested in ethnic relations in Hungary, Crech
State, and Slovakia.
At this momment I'am not very up to date on the issues taking
place in the region. I'am looking forward to having continued
discussions over the net about this area of the world. With the openning
of the iron curtain quick and decisive changes are taking place that
should have impacts upon the ethnic relations in this part of the world.
We have already seen how violent a fire these frictions can ignite in the
former Yugoslavia. I'am hoping that by joining this bullitan board
discusion might lead to ideas that once implemented might help disolve
tensions in the region of Eastern Europe.
I hope to have many conversations over this board that will
proove to be pertinant to my field of study and other stimulating topics
in anthropology. Lets try to get back to the reasons we first signed on
to this board.

Thank you;
David Tiller

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, William Bangs wrote:

> Hi, Stephanie. You're right -- we've all forgotten what we're here for!
> I myself am interested in linguistic and symbolic anthropology, by which
> I mean I look for patterns of socially constructed thought and response
> to the world through communication systems and their content. I'm
> interested in the mechanics of social decisionmaking and enforcement, as
> well as what I'll call folk-epistomology (meaning the culturally
> conditioned ways of knowing, deciding and talking about things). My
> primary area of geographical interest is Viet-Nam and other areas of
> mainland SE Asia, my primary theoretical tools (at this point)
> etyomological and discourse analysis. I'm off to Ha-Noi in a couple
> weeks, and I'll be looking (while I teach English to support myself) to
> engage some questions about what values and worldviews the music
> Vietnamese still over there expresses as against the Viet-pop in U.S.
> Vietnamese enclaves. By the way, can you tell me (and the list)
> something about your department? Given my interests, would it be a good
> place to apply?
> Ben Bangs
> Do what's right, not what's easy!