Field School

Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:20:57 -0700

********************** FIELD SCHOOL ***************************

The University of Calgary's Department of Archaeology will
be running an Archaeological Field School during the summer.
We will be examining a prehistoric campsite and bison kill
located within the city limits of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
An introductory and an advanced field course will be offered
during the spring semester - from mid-May to the end of June -
and again during the summer semester - from the beginning of
July to the end of August. The introductory course focuses
on archaeological field methods and offers training in the use
of excavation, survey and photographic equipment. The advanced
course allows students more flexibility in designing and
executing a research project associated with some aspect of the
site being excavated. Information on the fee structure and the
requirements for these courses is available upon request.

Contact: Gerald Oetelaar Phone: (403) 220-7629
Department of Archaeology
University of Calgary E-Mail:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2N 1N4