"Peyote Cult"

Mary Anne Wolff (wolf@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU)
Wed, 30 Mar 1994 15:00:16 -0500

I have a student who is doing research on the "peyote cult"
or Native American Church (are there more appropriate terms?) She
has quite a bit of general information, but is searching for at
least one in-depth source and for several quite recent (after 1987)
sources. Any suggestions or information would be be appreciated.
Please reply to my U.Mass.-K-12 (as opposed to umb) e-mail address,
which is mawolff@K12.UCS.UMASS.EDU . We are also using this
mail message as a test to see whether we can send mail to anthro-l
through U. Mass.-Boston and get replies back to individual users
in the system designed for k-12 accounts. Thank you for your help
in advance. I am trying to design a method high school seniors can
use to ask focussed and informed questions after they have done
considerable preliminary research. Mary Anne Wolff, North Reading
(Mass.) High School.