gender conference

Wed, 30 Mar 1994 12:33:52 +0100

to be held at Exeter University, UK from 4-6th July 1994
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The conference will consist of three parallel strands.

Monday 4 July

2.00-4.00 Session 1

Strand A1 Material culture production
Convener: Christina Tuohy (University of Exeter)
Gender and craft innovation: a model.
Louise M. Senior (University of Arizona)
Gender roles and labour division in northern European mid-holocene fisher-
gatherer-hunter communities.
Liliana Janik (University of Cambridge)
Time, skill and craft specialisation as gender relations.
Linda Hurcombe (University of Exeter)

Strand B1 Image and gender identity (1) Gender difference
Convener: Karen Stears (University of Exeter)
Archaeological Ms.conceptions: the iconography of power in Mediterranean
prehistory. Lauren E. Talalay
(Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan)
Archaeoethnography of Maymi, Peru: contemporary assessments of gender roles
in 6th-century A.D. Peru.
Persis B. Clarkson (University of Winnipeg)
Imaging Athena.
Deirdre Harrison (University of Natal)
Satyrs and Hetaerae. Looking for gender on Athenian vases.
Matthew Fox (University of Birmingham)

Strand C1 Consumption and display
Convener: Julia Crick (University of Exeter)
Gender and material culture in 17th-century England to
America: the domestic interior.
James Horn (University of Brighton)
The home environment as created by independent women: a study of seven
women living in Chichester in the early to mid-nineteenth century.
Margaret Ponsonby (University of Wolverhampton)
Welsh dressers and ceramic display.
Moira Vincentelli (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
The case of the hidden consumer: men, fashion and luxury c. 1840-1900.
Christopher Breward (Royal College of Art, London)

4.30-6.00 Session 2

Strand A1 Material culture production (cont.)
Lithic use-wear analysis as a means of studying gender and material culture.
Linda R. Owen (University of Tubingen)
Myths and microliths: engendering the mesolithic.
Nyree Finlay (University of Reading)
Gender constructs in the material culture of 17th-century Anasazi
farmers in Northeastern Arizona. Kelly Ann Hays-Gilpin (Navajo Nation
Archaeology Department, Northern Arizona University)

Strand B1 Image and gender identity (1) Gender difference (cont.)
Glamour and glory: female images on paper money.
Virginia Hewitt (British Museum)
Gender and revolutionary symbolism in France, 1789-1870.
Pamela Pilbeam (Royal Holloway and Bedford)
The gendering of artistic production in mid-Victorian Britain.
Tim Barringer (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Strand C2 Transmission of material culture
Convener: Julia Crick
Women, wills and moveable wealth in pre-Conquest England.
Julia Crick (University of Exeter)
What did women transmit? Evidence from 17th & 18th-century
Italian wills. Sandra Cavallo (University of Exeter)
'I bequethe to my doughter all my weryng gear' or how the
clothes in the attic accumulate.
Naomi Tarrant (National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh)

Tuesday 5 July

9.15-10.45 Session 3

Strand A1 Material culture production (cont.)
Long handled 'weaving combs': Problems in determining the gender of
tool-maker and tool-user. Christina Tuohy (University of Exeter)
Women woodworkers: fact or fiction? Caroline Earwood (Devon)
The problems of reconstructing a context for seventeenth-century
women's embroidery: women's work within a patriarchal ideology.
Ruth Geuter (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

Strand B1 Image and gender identity (1) Gender difference (cont.)
Women's images through British posters of the First and Second World Wars.
Helen Sims (University of Exeter) and Katrina Royale (Victoria and Albert
>From girl adventurer to 'teenage' consumer: the story of girl comics
in 1950's Britain. Becky Conekin (Uinversity of Michigan)
Gender identity and play: the role of toys in the construction of gender
definition through a case study of Barbie and Action Man.
Judy Attfield (Winchester School of Art)

Strand C3 Gender and technology
Convener: Tia DeNora (University of Exeter)
Who lights the fire? Gender and the energy of production.
Jenny Moore (University of Sheffield)
"A Flesh pott, or a Brasse pott or pott to boile in": changes in metal and
fuel technology and the implications for cooking, 1660-1750.
Nancy Cox (University of Wolverhampton)
Tupperware: product as social relation.
Alison Clark (University of Brighton)

11.15-12.45 Session 4

Strand A2 Ritual, religion and burial
Convener: Anne Duffin (University of Exeter)
Different rites of the early neolithic communities in the Polish Lowlands
and the role of gender in these rites.
Lucyna Domanska (University of Lodz)
Gendering henges: ritual activity and the negotiation of gender in the
late neolithic.
Andrew Jones and Gavin MacGregor (University of Glasgow)
Gender roles, farming and religion.
Karolina Ross and Stig Welinder (University of Uppsala)

Strand B2 Image and gender identity (2) Sexual ambiguity
Convener: Karen Stears (University of Exeter)
The Women of Vingen: aspects of gender ideology in rock art.
Gro Mandt (University of Bergen)
The "Painted cave cultural horizon" of Gran Canaria: chronological marker of
Cosas de Mujeres.
Michael R. Eddy (University of Manchester)
Shaman images in Bushman rock art: a question of gender.
Judith Stevenson (University of Witwatersrand)

Strand C3 Gender and technology (cont.)
Gendering the piano, Vienna 1790-1810.
Tia DeNora (University of Exeter)
"The greatest necessity for every rank of Men": gender, clocks and watches.
Moira Donald (University of Exeter)
Technology and mediation of gender relations in childbirth in
20th-century Britain. Susan J. Pitt (University of Wales, Lampeter)

2.00-4.00 Session 5

Strand A2 Ritual, religion and burial (cont.)
Material metaphors. The engendering of prehistoric burials through material
culture. Tove Hjorungdal (University of Umea)
The gendering of children and adults revealed in the early bronze age cemetry
at Mokrin. Beth Rega (University of Sheffield)
The Man-Woman or 'Berdache' in Anglo-Saxon England and post-Roman Europe.
Christopher J. Knuesel (University of Bradford)
Problems relating to burials with grave goods: biological sexing of skeletons.
Charlotte Roberts (University of Bradford)

Strand B2 Image and gender identity (2) Sexual ambiguity (cont.)
Iconography and gender construction in prehistoric Italy.
Ruth Whitehouse (Institute of Archaeology, London)
Images of women and men in textiles of the South Central Andes.
Penny Dransart (University of Wales, Lampeter)
Engendering ambiguity in Minoan Crete: it's a drag to be a king.
Louise Hitchcock (UCLA and University of Cambridge)

Strand C4 Gender and spatial constructs
Convener: Sandra Cavallo (University of Exeter)
Zoning gender into space. Clara Greed (University of West of England)
Roman houses, space, text and 'reading' gender.
Eleanor Scott (King Alfred's College, Winchester)
"The Empress's new clothes"? Battling male bias in the medieval castle.
Roberta Gilchrist (University of East Anglia)
Spatial perceptions within informal settlements: a link to the past.
Amanda Esterhuysen (University of Witwatersrand)

4.30-6.00 Session 6

Strand A2 Ritual, religion and burial (cont.)
Gender and burial in post-colonial Sicily: the case of Morgantina.
Claire Lyons (Getty Centre, Santa Monica)
Addressing the divine: dedications of clothing in archaic and
classical Greece. Lin Foxhall (University of Leicester) and
Karen Stears (University of Exeter)
Monuments to love? Marriage and church monuments 1500-1800.
Anne Duffin (University of Exeter)

Session B2 Image and gender identity (2) Sexual ambiguity (cont.)
Concepts of sex and gender in figurine studies.
Naomi Hamilton (Edinburgh)
Gender, status and reproductive ritual in prehistoric Cyprus.
Diane Bolger (University of Maryland, European Division)

Strand C4 Gender and spatial constructs (cont.)
Gendered patterns of daily life on North American farmsteads.
Nancy Grey Osterud (Radcliffe College, Cambridge)
Gendered responses to the picturesque garden.
Jack Crowley (Dalhousie University)
The use of portraits and portrait engravings as room decoration in
eighteenth-century Britain. Stana Nenadic (University of Edinburgh)

Wednesday 6 July

9.15-10.45 Session 7

Strand A3 Food, diet and health
Convener: John Wilkins (University of Exeter)
Gender roles, diet and nutrition among modern and prehistoric
hunter-gatherers. Marek Zvelebil (University of Sheffield)
Diet and gender in the European mesolithic: an examination of recent
evidence. Christopher Meiklejohn (University of Winnipeg)
Gender, health and diet: some recent research.
Charlotte Roberts, Grace Ballance, Gwen Dalby, Mary Lewis and Beverley
Margerison (University of Bradford)

Strand B3 Gender relations and material culture: critical perspectives
Convener: Linda Hurcombe (University of Exeter)
Gender - evidence from the past and interpretation from the present.
Hanna Zawadzka (University of Cambridge)
Gender - a fruitful concept in archaeology?
Liv Helga Dommasnes (University of Bergen)
Gender - enabling perspective or politically correct term? An analysis
of the material culture of 1990's academia.
Mary Baker (Uinversity of Aberystwyth)

Strand C5 Body ornament and clothing
Convener: Nedira Yakir (University of Exeter)
Performing gender in prehispanic central America: ornamentation,
representation and the construction of the body.
Rosemary Joyce (Harvard University)
Jewellery, domination and space: jewellery as spatial expression.
Nedira Yakir (University of Exeter)

11.15-12.45 Session 8

Strand A3 Food, diet and health (cont.)
Isotopic evidence for dietary equality among classic
Maya men and women.
John P. Gerry and Meredith S. Chesson (University of Harvard)
Food preparation in ancient Greece - the literary evidence.
John Wilkins (University of Exeter)
The fish wife in south-west England, 1540-1650.
Todd Gray (University of Exeter)

Strand B4 Cultural transmission and interpretation
A sexist present, a 'humanless' past: Museum archaeology in Greece.
Dimitra Kokkinidou (University of Thessaloniki)
'The solitary ploughwoman': gender and the preservation
of material culture in Scotland.
Lindsay Macbeth Shen (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
Interpreting Australian aboriginal culture.
Sarah Colley (University of Sydney)

Strand C5 Body ornament and clothing (cont.)
Principles of dress culture in the Islamic Middle East.
Jennifer Scarce (National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh)
Vivienne Westwood, punk and the politics of fashion
Catherine McDermott (University of Kingston)

2.15-3.30 Plenary Session: Gender and material culture: a discussion.
Barbara Bender (University of London)
Leonore Davidoff (University of Essex)

Poster presentations on display during the Conference will include:

Symbolism of jewellery in Bahraini society
Marie Claire Bakker (Edinburgh)
An irreverent glimpse at gender-bias in the academic world
Kathy Fewster (University of Sheffield)
Illuminating gender relations: a study using the micro-scale of a
domestic landscape and the macro-scale of a political landscape
Anna-Michelle Moss (University of Sheffield)
Gender and material culture: a comparative depiction of gender systems
in the present with a gender system 2000 years ago
Erika Raf (University of Lund)
The role of women in the workplace in travelling communities
Vanessa Toulmin (Sheffield)

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