Haitian Voudoun and it's comparative systems in S.America.

Peter William Giles (GIL3222L@BKSTUD3.EAST-LONDON.AC.UK)
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 13:48:07 GMT

Dear Subscribers,
I require information on Haitian Voudoun and it's comparative
systems in S. America, such as Condomble,Umbanda,Macumba and Lacumi
or what is commonly known as Santeria. My main interests are with the
Damballah image of the rainbow serpent and it's syncretic reification
with indigenous beliefs. A good example of this may be found with the
Arawak Indians of Haiti or the Coboclo spirits of Condomble.
The social implications of such worship and the techniques
utilised for the summoning of these pertinent loa's or orixa's is
covered within the requirements of the enquiry. Obviously it would be
much appreciated if any person who knows of anthroplogists currently
researching these fields could give me any relevant information to
contact them. As well as books that might cover these areas which are
otherwise not available in this country.


Peter Giles.