Caroline Osella (Caroline.Osella@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 12:10:43 +0100

I've been on this list over a year now and never posted (tut, tut; I
know...); usually don't have time to do anything but lurk (sometimes don't
even have time to read the bloody things), and often find that Dan Foss
covers the points I'd want to make anyway. I do often print out the
juiciest bits of discussions and pass them on to students here, who,
unbelievably, don't have E-mail access, so I'm not totally passive!

What I'm saying is that I do feel a bit bad about posting only to ask for
help, but... (I'm going to do it anyway)

(1) Searching for PREMA KURIEN. We became friends during fieldwork in
Kerala. She returned to Brown, me to LSE, and we corresponded irregularly
'cos we both were writing up. Then she moved to Knox ('92/3?), and I came
here ('93), and we've lost touch. She writes on migration, South India,
identity, and could be in an anthro or sociology dept. If anyone knows her
whereabouts or any FOAFOAF who might know, please let me know (nobody at
Knox on the anthro directory, or I'd have tried that first).

(2) We're running a new, integrated modular Human Sciences degree here,
(biological, social, bit of primate studies, lots of you in the US must
know the sort of thing; quite new and unusual for the UK). Currently
trying to help get a reading list together for two third-year 'life-cycles'
courses; I can cope with birth, gendered maturity, rites of passage, and
all that stuff, and can just about manage death, but am totally stumped on
what I can only think of at the moment as the Hindu 'fourth asrama'; you
know, the bit after menopause/retirement. I'll be doing bibliographic
research, but would really appreciate some help here. I'll post the
results, as I'm sure this is something that a lot of us will (or should)
be thinking about...

With hope and thanks for your help