Open System: The Surprise Party!

Mon, 7 Mar 1994 14:50:00 -0500

Before you ask, I shall answer two questions.

1. What the hell does this have to do with anthropology? Well, if you're
working in multimedia, visual anthropology, or the ethnography of
net.culture, lots.

Really, it's here because one or more of you are likely on other lists
where this notice could go, and you might do the favor of reposting it
there. It would be greatly appreciated. Tell your friends/students/whatever
that our web site is gonna be open, and it's gonna be COOL.

2. Why am I participating in this? Because it will result in some really
rad meme formations. At least, I hope so.

If you have any questions/feedback/gripes, email me personally; I'm going
off the list for a week as I head for spring break.

Hence I present to you:


You are invited to participate in the Workshop for the Invention and
Research of Electronic Discourse's first Surprise Party, March 22-26, 1994
at the University of Florida, Gainesville. We'll provide the site, the
chips and dip, and the punch. Join us for an informal and exploratory
exchange on the experiments, activities and adventures of all those
investigating the possibilities of electronic media for:
creative and theoretical production
social and cultural criticism
pedagogy and performance
buying and selling/espionage
spreading nasty rumors/gossiping
sorcery....and the list goes on

Your work/play, positioned as it is at the intersection of art, theory,
technology and politics holds considerable interest for our project. You
would be free to contribute in whatever manner you desired. Come as you
are! Bring your own concept!

The potluck format provides a model for organizing a conference in the age
of electronic discourse. We do not wish to uncritically and unimaginatively
reproduce the structure of the panel discussion , the gallery space, the
journal, or passively repeat the authoritative pronouncements of
specialists and experts. Let's exploit the in-between, the interstices and
crossings of the network!


We will be hosting a series of workshops, exhibitions, installations,
video and film screenings, discussions, lectures/performances and all night
jam sessions at our headquarters at the University of Florida. Participants
Artist-in-Residence: Nancy Paterson
Consultant (Theory/Method): Gregory L. Ulmer
Performance/Workshops: Public Domain
and a cast of tens of thousands via WWW

Our WWW address will also be open for presentation of images, text,
sounds etc. for your perusal. Tune into
Departments/Rewired/Re-WIRED.html for the latest developments. Soon to be
on the server: an agenda for the conference, a list of Open System members
at UF, and more!

We need your text, HTML, MPEG, Quicktime, JPEG, GIF or AIFF files for
exhibition on our web server. Plus, we want other kinds of files, such as
interactive artspaces, artificial life, hypermedia, animations, MIDI,
raytraced images, etc., for display at the exhibition. Please send your
files on 3.5" disk to Alan Wright, 302 NE 8th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601.
Small files (<1 MB) can be uuencoded and mailed to SEEKER1@ UFCC.UFL.EDU.
(Alternatively, you can send TRUE@NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU directions for 'get'
ftp, so we can 'fetch' it. If your file is really big (>5 MB), send us a
Web address, so we can establish remote links to it.) Sorry, but no 'put'
FTP is available at this time. We will post more information should direct
FTP be possible in the near future. With all files, please include
descriptions of the platform (IBM, Mac, workstation, etc.), system, and
program (if needed) that the files run on, plus any other requirements
(peripherals, cards, etc.) for their proper execution.

Videos (art or otherwise), electronic presentations of theory and
criticism, xerographic posters, mail art or other detritus to be exhibited
at University of Florida should be sent to Anthony Rue, 1110 NE 5th Place,
Gainesville, Fl 32601.

Send your work by March 21, 1994. All submissions should include return
postage. For further information and inquiries contact:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Seeker1 [@Nervm.Nerdc.Ufl.Edu] (real info available on request)
Anthropomorphist, Metanoid, Lerian, MatrixWanderer, HyperRealist, etc.
Rhipidon Society, VALISystem A, Sol Node 3
"Philip K. Dick is dead, alas/ Let's queue up and kick G-d's ass." --
Michael Bishop, the Secret Ascension