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The list is meant for people with development-project related
fieldwork experience in Sub-Sahara Africa. I posted a call for reactions 3
weeks ago. In the meanwhile I got accidentally unsubsribed from the
anthro-l list. My hostcomputer's move to a newer and bigger machine was
probably the cause. Apologies to those whose replies have been bounced by
the mailserver.
By now, there are 5 reactions. This is just a beginning! I believe
this email-adress-list can be helpfull to all of us. First of all in
establishing contacts. And secondly, new initiatives may come up; for
instance we might (trimensually or so) compile abstracts of our own
recently published or forthcoming articles. If people on this list feel
the need, it can be done. Therefore I will continue compiling replies to
this list for the next couple of months. Please inform collagues and
invite them to participate.
All replies from now untill April 7, will be compiled and remailed
to ANTHRO-L under the subject heading: "Africa Network List". If you don't
use this heading, I will possibly fail to read your reply. You can
download the list from ANTHRO-L by March 8.
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This list is not yet neatly ordered. Apologies! I'm learning.

List initiator:
DE WIT, WILLEM 1. Name: De
Wit 2. First name: Willem 3. E-mail adress: 4.
Discipline: cultural anthropology 5. Institute: Kasumai R&D network,
Amsterdam, NL 6. Fieldwork Experience 7. What Country and what region?
Mauretania (Near Rosso) , Senegal (Casamance), The Gambia (MID,
Jakhaly-Pacharr) 8. What period? Mauretania 1983 /6 months; The Gambia and
Senegal 1986 / 6 months. 9. Short description of the project. The Gambia:
Rice irrigation project. 10. Research subject. Relationship local
(political) organisation and project organisation. 11. Note on fieldwork.
12. Publication / report?

1. Udvardy, M.L. 3. 4. Anthropology, Cultural

5. University of Kentucky 6. Kenya, Coastal (Mijikenda & Giriama),

& Highlands (Gusii); Ethiopia (General). 7. Kenya, HIghlands (Gusii)

- 3 months, 1983; Kenya, Coastal (mijikenda & Giriama) - 17 months

1983, 1984-86); Ethiopia, 5 weeks, 1987 8. Kenya, Highlands & Coast,

1983 - reconnaissance predoctoral field research; Kenya Coast 1984-86

dissertation field research; Ethiopia 1987 - World Bank and Swedish

International Devt. Agency Consultancy; 9. Dissertation field research

topics: Role of elderly women and men; secret societies; gender roles;

ethnomedicine; voluntary women's groups; kinship and descent systems;

Ethiopia: Assess the situation of Ethiopian women & recommend a develop-

ment project. 11. Kenya work has resulted in numerous publications;

Ethiopia work in developement consultancy report. EVANS, JEREMY

1. Name: Evans

2. First name: Jeremy

3. E-mail adress:

4. Discipline: Social Anthropology

5. Institute: CSIR, Pretoria, PO Box 395 South Africa

Fieldwork Experience

6. What Country and what region?: South Africa

7. What period?: 1990-present

8. Short description of the project:

1989 University of the Witwatersrand SA

Honours research into the causes of increases in medicine murders in


from 1970-1988

1990-92 University of Natal SA

An analysis of social and economic factors affecting the performance


producers in subsistence and small-scale commercial agriculture,


examination of methods of land allocation and resettlement, tribal


structures, formal and informal selling, the comparative performance

male and

female-headed households and male and female farmers and production


provision. The work was carried out in collaboration with



Research was directed towards establishing causes of discontent with

local tribal

authorities and degrees of factionalism between adjacent subwards.


discerning the contribution to violence made by political and


and potential causes for political domination by subwards. The focus

was on witchkillings


Research focussed on current development activities of independent

churches. The attitudes of church members towards possible involvement in

development activities with other churches and the broader community were

examined. The tasks included supervision of an interview team conducting

interviews with church members and a formal survey.

1993-4 CSIR SA

Research into land tenure arrangements affecting tree planting and

of trees and tree products. This has relevance for recent government

directed towards increasing biomass production in rural areas. Land

and tenure regulations also impact on the potential generation of small

entrepreneurs involved in running nurseries and marketing produce.


Research into use of natural resources for a biosphere reserve plan


Soutpansberg. Research is being conducted in collaboration with


specialists. Natural resource use by local inhabitants is being

assessed in relation to land access and tenure, household economics, and

resource needs. Emphasis is placed on constraints encountered by housholds

in the collection and use of natural resources for household and



Research into effective community structures for maintaining and


community nurseries and woodlots. Factors affecting community

management and

ownership include land tenure arrangements, the nature of


structures and community-based organisations, non-governmental

organisations and parastatals/government departments involved in

implementing and maintaining


An evaluation of SA Biomass Initiative projects: The aim is to assess and

monitor the social acceptance of various woodlot and nursery models in

areas in the Transvaal. The assessment includes an examination of the

acceptability and capacities of implementing and other intermediary

supporting organisations with regard to project establishment and



Research towards the creation of optimal land-use scenarios in an Eastern

Transvaal example case study area, for input into SA government land-use

policy after April 1994. The focus is on conflicting land-uses with regard

to natural resource potential and actual natural resource use situations.

9. Research subject:

1993-4: as above, broadly a concentration on ecological anthropology in


10. Note on fieldwork:

11. Publication / report (?): publications/reports on each. If you

want references please give me a call.

Jeremy P Evans

Forestek CSIR

PO Box 395

Pretoria 0001

South Africa

Tel +27-12-841-3551

Fax +27-12-841-2689


1. P. Stanley Yoder

2. Stan


4. Anthropology & Public Health

5. Annenberg School for Communication, U Penn

6. Fieldwork: Lesotho (national), Nigeria (Niger State), Zaire

Zambia (Copperbelt and Northern provinces)

7. 1987 to 1992 (data collection)

8. Currently working on articles from survey and interview data. Zambia
was an

evaluation of a radio soap opera about AIDS in Bemba in the Copperbelt.

other countries were evaluations of health education projects (HealthCom)

Ministries of Health assisted by the Academy for Educational Development

to do with oral rehydration for childhood diarrhea and vaccination

9. For ORT, the effect of mothers' perception of illness episodes on use
of ORT

and on treatment choices. For EPI, the effects of mothers' knowledge of

vaccination and of immunizable diseases on coverage. For AIDS (Zambia),

relation of social and demographic factors to knowledge of AIDS and

to avoid risky behavior.

10. Fieldwork included before and after large sample surveys as well as


11. A list of the Working Reports, final evaluations and journal articles

available for distribution is available from the Center for International,

Health, and Development Communication at ASC. Address requests to Stan

CIHDC, Annenberg School for Communications, 3620 Walnut St., Phila., PA

Your List is a great idea! Please put me on your mail list. I work in

Senegambia. My current work concerns long-distance/ world system

migration and rural change in West Africa. Best wishes in your work.

My name is Peter Weil, Dept of Anthropology, University of Delaware,

Newark, DE 19716, USA.

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