Re: Library Usage"

Mon, 7 Mar 1994 12:53:00 PST

couple of semesters of intensive research on subjects such as repatriation,
Indian Law, culture, Indian spitituality, etc. I have found that there are very
few research ideas that the Librarian can come up with that I haven't already
used or thought of. I still consult a librarian if I am totally stumped. Such
research items that I consult are Nexus/Lexus, Library Online, Internet
(gopher, telnet, etc.), archives, museums, newspapers, magazines, teachers,
I have a very good connection with two of the librarians at my school. They know what i am working on at all times, and if they come across something that ththink I could use, they e-mail it to me or send it to my advisor.
The most important part of a paper, report, etc. is the research; Moreover,
one can learn so much from doing ones own research. I will sit doing research
for hours (8+ hours); I usually spend a couple of months on research and only a
coupleof weeks writing the paper. I think the problem is that I really enjoy
conducting research; one problem is learning when it is time to quit and start
on the paper.
Information Professionals are very underated for the job that they do.

Brian Gill