changes in kissing practices

James P. Hurd (hurd@HOMER.ACS.BETHEL.EDU)
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 09:43:08 CST

In Costa Rica and Ecuador (at least) I never saw men kiss men (do young
boys kiss their fathers?). Women will "kiss" women by putting a hand on
their shoulder, pulling them forward so right cheek touches right cheek;
then either lightly kissing each other's cheek, or kissing "in the air."
Men will also kiss women acquaintances in this manner. We greeted women in
our "host" family (middle class) in Ecuador in this manner. I don't know
if class makes any difference here.

In Costa Rica, thirty years ago, we observed more the custom of touching
each other's shoulders, each with one hand, as a greeting. We do not
remember much kissing then.