seeking two wonderful books

Sat, 24 Jun 1995 10:02:59 EST

Please help! I have just done up the required reading list
for a series of lectures I am scheduled to give in August
on indigenous traditions at Pacifica Graduate Institute in

These two wonderful books (especially friendly reads for students
with no backgrounds in the field) are now out of print. Does
anyone have extra copies for sale which could be put on reserve
in the library of the following:

Brian M. Fagan. Clash of Cultures. New York: W.H.Freeman & Co.,1984

Herbert T. Schwarz. Tales from the Smokehouse (illustrations by
Daphne Odjig). Edmonton, Alberta: Hurtig Publishers, 1976.

If so, could you please contact me straight off? Thanks much!

Maureen Korp, Ph.D.
University of Ottawa