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Several people have responded to this message, which was first posted
yesterday, by strongly suggesting that the entire list of Senators (along
with telephone numbers and, when available, email addresses) be posted in the
same places for those who have difficult accessing them via gopher. The
entire Senate phone and email directory appears at the end of the following
message. For those who already have ready access to this information --
please excuse the amount of bandwidth taken up


The National repository for folk music and culture, the Archive
of Folk Culture, and its administrative offices at the American
Folklife Center at the Library of Congress are threatened with
the loss of their public funds, which would take effect Sept. 30,

Yesterday, June 22, the House of Representatives voted to take
the funds of the American Folklife Center at the Library of
Congress to use for another purpose. The action was an amendment
to the budget of the Library introduced by Rep. William Clinger
of Pennsylvania and part of a larger appropriations bill. House
members advocating the amendment suggested that the Center and
its 70-year old Archive of Folk Culture should seek private
funds. Opponents of the action defended the role of the Center
and its archive in American culture. The vote was 260 to 159.
The bill will now proceed to the Senate for action in the next
few weeks.

The Folklife Center's current funding and authorization ends
September 30th. A two-year reauthorization has been proposed and
is proceeding through Congress. However, if the Center loses its
funding and its staff as of September 30th, it will be impossible
for them to raise funds in order to continue.

The collections of the Archive of Folk Culture include
ethnographic and ethnomusicological documentation from every
state and from many foreign countries as well. It includes the
recordings of Leadbelly, Woodie Guthrie, and Jelly Roll Morton.
Its collections of early wax cylinder recordings of Native
American music and song are the largest in the country. Famous
fieldworkers such as John and Alan Lomax, Zora Neale Hurston, and
Herbert Halpert have entrusted their collections to the care of
the Nation in this repository.

This action not only threatens our National archive for folk
traditions, but has dire implications for all archives and
libraries supported by public funds. Although there was an
outpouring of support for the Center and its collections from
constituents, supporters of the amendment merely cited this as
evidence that the Center can raise public funds. The fact that
most of the public programs of the Center are already supported
by private funds ($330,000 raised in 1995) while the public funds
mainly support reference, acquisitions, and processing for its
collections was also discounted. THESE SAME ARGUMENTS COULD BE

Take immediate action! Contact your state's Senators and tell them
why the Folklife Center and its collections must be supported.
If you need congressional phone or fax numbers or mailing address
you may find these by using the Library of Congress's LC MARVEL
Gopher server at marvel.loc.gov (login as marvel). Choose
/Government /Federal Government /Legislative Branch /Directories.

An article about the Center and its situation appeared in the
Washington Post, June 23, p. F1. An article is also planned for
the New York Times.

If you wish to learn more about the American Folklife Center and
its collections, you may write to them at the Library of
Congress, Washington DC, 20540, email to ajab@loc.gov, or call at
202 707-6590.

You may also visit the Center's Gopher site on LC MARVEL at
marvel.loc.gov (login as marvel), choose / Research and Reference,
/ Reading Rooms of the Library of Congress /American Folklife
Center, or visit their World Wide Web site at



104th Congress

Capitol=Capitol Building
DSOB=Dirksen Senate Office Building
HSOB=Hart Senate Office Building
RSOB=Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

E-Mail correspondence may be limited to constituents. Include your
mailing address with your e-mail message if a reply is desired.

P ST Name and Address Phone & E-Mail Fax
= == ======================== ============== ==============

R AK Murkowski, Frank H. 1-202-224-6665 1-202-224-5301
706 HSOB

R AK Stevens, Ted 1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-2354
522 HSOB

D AL Heflin, Howell T. 1-202-224-4124 1-202-224-3149
728 HSOB

R AL Shelby, Richard C. 1-202-224-5744 1-202-224-3416
110 HSOB

D AR Bumpers, Dale 1-202-224-4843 1-202-224-6435
229 DSOB

D AR Pryor, David 1-202-224-2353 1-202-228-3973
267 RSOB

R AZ Kyl, Jon 1-202-224-4521 1-202-224-2207
702 HSOB info@kyl.senate.gov

R AZ McCain, John 1-202-224-2235 1-202-228-2862
241 RSOB

D CA Boxer, Barbara 1-202-224-3553 1-415-956-6701
112 HSOB senator@boxer.senate.gov

D CA Feinstein, Dianne 1-202-224-3841 1-202-228-3954
331 HSOB

R CO Campbell, Ben N. 1-202-224-5852 1-202-224-1933
380 RSOB

R CO Brown, Henry 1-202-224-5941 1-202-224-6471
716 HSOB senator_brown@brown.senate.gov

D CT Dodd, Christopher J. 1-202-224-2823 1-202-224-1083
444 RSOB sen_dodd@dodd.senate.gov

D CT Lieberman, Joseph I. 1-202-224-4041 1-202-224-9750
316 HSOB senator_lieberman@lieberman.

D DE Biden Jr., Joseph R. 1-202-224-5042 1-202-224-0139
221 RSOB

R DE Roth Jr. William V. 1-202-224-2441 1-202-228-0354
104 HSOB

D FL Graham, Robert 1-202-224-3041 1-202-224-2237
524 HSOB

R FL Mack, Connie 1-202-224-5274 1-202-224-8022
517 HSOB

D GA Nunn, Samuel 1-202-224-3521 1-202-224-0072
303 DSOB

R GA Coverdell, Paul 1-202-224-3643 1-202-228-3783
200 RSOB senator_coverdell@coverdell.

D HI Akaka, Daniel K. 1-202-224-6361 1-202-224-2126
720 HSOB

D HI Inouye, Daniel K. 1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747
722 HSOB

D IA Harkin, Thomas 1-202-224-3254 1-202-224-9369
531 HSOB tom_harkin@harkin.senate.gov

R IA Grassley, Charles E. 1-202-224-3744 1-202-224-6020
135 HSOB chuck_grassley@grassley.senate.gov

R ID Craig, Larry E. 1-202-224-2752 1-202-224-2573
313 HSOB larry_craig@craig.senate.gov

R ID Kempthorne, Dirk 1-202-224-6142 1-202-224-5893
367 DSOB dirk_kempthorne@kempthorne.

D IL Moseley-Braun, Carol 1-202-224-2854 1-202-224-2626
320 HSOB senator@moseley-braun.senate.gov

D IL Simon, Paul 1-202-224-2152 1-202-224-0868
462 DSOB senator@simon.senate.gov

R IN Coats, Daniel R. 1-202-224-5623 1-202-228-4137
404 RSOB

R IN Lugar, Richard G. 1-202-224-4814 1-202-228-3060
306 HSOB lugar@iquest.net

R KS Dole, Robert 1-202-224-6521 1-202-228-4569
141 HSOB

R KS Kassebaum, Nancy L. 1-202-224-4774 1-202-224-3514
302 RSOB

D KY Ford, Wendell H. 1-202-224-4343 1-202-224-0046
173A RSOB wendell_ford@ford.senate.gov

R KY McConnell, Mitch 1-202-224-2541 1-202-224-2499

D LA Breaux, John B. 1-202-224-4623 1-202-224-4268
516 HSOB senator@breaux.senate.gov

D LA Johnston, J. Bennett 1-202-224-5824 1-202-224-2501
136 HSOB senator@johnston.senate.gov

D MA Kennedy, Edward M. 1-202-224-4543 1-202-224-2417
315 RSOB senator@kennedy.senate.gov

D MA Kerry, John F. 1-202-224-2742 1-202-224-8525
421 RSOB john_kerry@kerry.senate.gov

D MD Mikulski, Barbara A. 1-202-224-4654 1-202-224-8858
709 HSOB senator@mikulski.senate.gov

D MD Sarbanes, Paul S. 1-202-224-4524 1-202-224-1651
309 HSOB

R ME Snowe, Olympia 1-202-224-5344 1-202-224-1946
495 RSOB 1-207-941-9525

R ME Cohen, William S. 1-202-224-2523 1-202-224-2693
322 HSOB

D MI Levin, Carl 1-202-224-6221 1-202-224-1388
459 RSOB senator@levin.senate.gov

R MI Abraham, Spencer 1-202-224-4822 1-202-224-8834
245 DSOB

D MN Wellstone, Paul 1-202-224-5641 1-202-224-8438
717 HSOB senator@wellstone.senate.gov

R MN Grams, Rod 1-202-224-3244 1-202-228-0956
261 DSOB mail_grams@grams.gov

R MO Bond, Christopher S. 1-202-224-5721 1-202-224-8149
293 RSOB

R MO Ashcroft, John 1-202-224-6154 1-202-228-5126
170 RSOB john_ashcroft@ashcroft.senate.gov
R MS Cochran, Thad 1-202-224-5054 1-202-224-3576
326 RSOB

R MS Lott, Trent 1-202-224-6253 1-202-224-2262
487 RSOB

D MT Baucus, Max 1-202-224-2651 na
511 HSOB max@baucus.senate.gov

R MT Burns, Conrad R. 1-202-224-2644 1-202-224-8594
183 DSOB conrad_burns@burns.senate.gov

R NC Faircloth, D. M. 1-202-224-3154 1-202-224-7406
317 HSOB

R NC Helms, Jesse 1-202-224-6342 1-202-224-7588
403 DSOB

D ND Conrad, Kent 1-202-224-2043 1-202-224-7776
724 HSOB

D ND Dorgan, Byron L. 1-202-224-2551 1-202-224-1193
713 HSOB

D NE Exon, J. J. 1-202-224-4224 1-202-224-5213
528 HSOB

D NE Kerrey, Bob 1-202-224-6551 1-202-224-7645
303 HSOB bob@kerrey.senate.gov

R NH Gregg, Judd 1-202-224-3324 1-202-224-4952
393 RSOB mailbox@gregg.senate.gov

R NH Smith, Robert 1-202-224-2841 1-202-224-1353
332 DSOB opinion@smith.senate.gov

D NJ Bradley, William 1-202-224-3224 1-202-224-8567
731 HSOB senator@bradley.senate.gov

D NJ Lautenberg, Frank R. 1-202-224-4744 1-202-224-9707
506 HSOB

D NM Bingaman, Jeff 1-202-224-5521 1-202-224-2852
703 HSOB Senator_Bingaman@bingaman.

R NM Domenici, Pete V. 1-202-224-6621 1-202-224-7371
328 DSOB senator_domenici@domenici.

D NV Bryan, Richard H. 1-202-224-6244 1-202-224-1867
364 RSOB

D NV Reid, Harry 1-202-224-3542 1-202-224-7327
324 HSOB

D NY Moynihan, Daniel P. 1-202-224-4451 1-202-224-9293
464 RSOB

R NY D'Amato, Alfonse M. 1-202-224-6542 1-202-224-5871
520 HSOB

D OH Glenn, John 1-202-224-3353 1-202-224-7983
503 HSOB

R OH DeWine, Michael 1-202-224-2315 1-202-224-6519
140 RSOB senator_dewine.@dewine.senate.gov

R OK Inhofe, James 1-202-224-4721 1-202-228-0380
453 RSOB

R OK Nickles, Donald 1-202-224-5754 1-202-224-6008
133 HSOB nickles@rpc.senate.gov

R OR Hatfield, Mark O. 1-202-224-3753 1-202-224-0276
711 HSOB

R OR Packwood, Robert 1-202-224-5244 1-202-228-3576
259 RSOB

R PA Santorum, Rick 1-202-224-6324 1-202-228-4991(?)
120 RSOB

R PA Specter, Arlen 1-202-224-4254 1-202-224-1893(?)
530 HSOB

D RI Pell, Claiborne 1-202-224-4642 1-202-224-4680
335 RSOB

R RI Chafee, John H. 1-202-224-2921 1-202-228-3976
506 DSOB senator_chafee@chafee.senate.gov

D SC Hollings, Ernest F. 1-202-224-6121 1-202-224-4293
125 RSOB senator@hollings.senate.gov

R SC Thurmond, Strom 1-202-224-5972 1-202-224-1300
217 RSOB

D SD Daschle, Thomas A. 1-202-224-2321 1-202-224-2047
509 HSOB tom_daschle@daschle.senate.gov

R SD Pressler, Larry 1-202-224-5842
243 RSOB larry_pressler@pressler.senate.gov

R TN Thompson, Fred 1-202-224-4944 1-202-228-3679
523 DSOB

R TN Frist, Bill 1-202-224-3344 1-202-228-1264
565 DSOB (or 228-3679?)

R TX Hutchison, Kay Bailey 1-202-224-5922 1-202-224-0776
283 RSOB senator@hutchison.senate.gov

R TX Gramm, Phil 1-202-224-2934 1-202-228-2856
370 RSOB

R UT Bennett, Robert 1-202-224-5444 1-202-224-6716
431 DSOB

R UT Hatch, Orrin G. 1-202-224-5251 1-202-224-6331
135 RSOB

D VA Robb, Charles S. 1-202-224-4024 1-202-224-8689
154 RSOB Senator_Robb@robb.senate.gov

R VA Warner, John W. 1-202-224-2023 1-202-224-6295
225 RSOB senator@warner.senate.gov

D VT Leahy, Patrick J. 1-202-224-4242 1-202-224-3595
433 RSOB senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov

R VT Jeffords, James M. 1-202-224-5141 1-202-228-0338
513 HSOB vermont@jeffords.senate.gov

D WA Murray, Patty 1-202-224-2621 1-202-224-0238
111 RSOB

R WA Gorton, Slade 1-202-224-3441 1-202-224-9393
730 HSOB Senator_Gorton@gorton.senate.

D WI Feingold, Russell 1-202-224-5323 1-202-224-2725
502 HSOB russell_feingold@feingold.senate.

D WI Kohl, Herbert H. 1-202-224-5653 1-202-224-9787
330 HSOB

D WV Byrd, Robert C. 1-202-224-3954 1-202-224-8070
311 HSOB (or 228-0002?)

D WV Rockefeller, John D. 1-202-224-6472 1-202-228-7665
109 HSOB senator@rockefeller.senate.gov

R WY Simpson, Alan K. 1-202-224-3424 1-202-224-1315
105 DSOB

R WY Thomas, Craig 1-202-224-6441 1-202-224-1724
302 HSOB