READ THIS-Actual $$ In House Markup

Fri, 16 Jun 1995 11:05:32 -0400

ACRA is passing along the following memo from Loretta Neumann of CEHP
Incorporated. It is up-to-date as of Thursday evening (June 15). We cannot
let up on the telephone calls. We do not want them to think that yesterday
was a flash in the pan. By the way, hundreds, perhaps even a thousand, phone
calls were made yesterday. They are starting to feel the pressure (notice
how the staffers were "snippy" on the phone?). This may be the first time
they realized there is a constituency for historic preservation (beyond the
big organizations, that is.) Thanks to everyone who called and to everyone
who organized call-ins in their state.

From: LNeumann
Subj: $$ for ACHP & Interior

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior Reschedules Markup -
And We Have Numbers!!

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior rescheduled its markup of
the Fiscal Year 1996 funding bill. It will be held on Tuesday, June 20
beginning at 9 am. The full Appropriations Committee anticipates marking up
the bill the following Tuesday, June 27.

Because of this fast pace and the fact that the Republican leadership is
calling the shots, phone calls in support of the Advisory Council (and other
programs that you may care about) are needed NOW. Call your own
Representative, *even* if he or she is not on the Committee. Urge them to
contact the full Committee Chairman Bob Livingston (R-Louisiana),
Subcommittee Chairman Ralph Regula (R-Ohio) and other members of the
Appropriations Committee to support historic preservation programs in the
federal government including the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
The same message should go to Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA).

*****Any Congressional office can be reached through the Capitol Switchboard
(202) 224-3121.*****

Following are some of the "Chairman's mark" amounts for preservation related
programs. Note some programs are slated for elimination, others for cuts and
a few remain the same. This information is different from some that was put
out previously since the previous numbers were the *recommendations* of the
House Interior Committee Chairman, Don Young, that he sent to Regula on May

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation - $1 million ($3.03 was in
President's request)
Note: The funding is earmarked to close down the Council. The narrative
summary that accompanies these figures lists the Council under "moving toward
more efficient government" as one of a number of agencies scheduled for
elimination (others include the Bureau of Mines, Pennsylvania Avenue
Development Commission and some smaller agencies.)

National Park Service
***National Recreation and Preservation, Cultural Resources - $18.5
million (same as President's)
Note: This account includes the National Register programs. Unfortunately,
the President's request cut over $500,000 for these programs, so it is
unlikely they will be restored.

***Historic Preservation Fund - $37.9 million (down $3.5 million from
Note: The funds for grants to the states and tribes is at the same level as
last year ($34,4 million). The funds for the National Trust for Historic
Preservation are cut in half (from $7 million to $3.5)

***International Affairs - $338,000 (same as President's)
Note: This hopefully means that the $90,000 earmarked for the US/ICOMOS
(International Council on Monuments and Sites) will remain the same.

Bureau of Land Management
***Cultural Resources - $11 million (down $1.62 million from President's
Note: This is a cut of over $1 million from last year's enacted amount. The
increase in the President's budget was for increased public participation,
enhanced Native American coordination, improved artifact and collections
management (including NAGPRA).

***Law enforcement. - we don't have figures yet. Stay tuned!

Prepared for ACRA by Loretta Neumann, President, CEHP Incorporated