Farm Family Case Studies Summary

Fri, 16 Jun 1995 14:54:05 -0400

To: colleagues who have responded to my inquiry concerning FARM

This is a summary of suggestions from more than 30 colleagues
either from ANTHRO-L or from SANET-MG. I have only begun to
check on some of the leads. In due course, after I post this
summary, I will try to correspond directly with some of you.

At the end, I give a few authors and/or titles which I have found
independently, which may interest some of you.

Thanks to all of you.

Here are the references, mostly in chronological order as
received [with email correspondent in brackets].

Sonya Salamon: Prairie Patrimony and other titles [Greg McIsaac,, and Geoffrey Habron,]

Greg McIsaac, Sustainable Agriculture in the American Midwest:
Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future (1994. . .)

(Author not given) Ordinary Life, Festival Days / Aesthetics in
Midwestern County Fair [Gerry Waite,

Jane Adams, The Transformation of Rural Life (1994) [Gerry Waite

Don Stull (no titles given) at Department of Anthropology,
University of Kansas [Jerry Schultz]

Howard Stein (no titles given) in Family Medicine at U. of
Oklahoma School of Medicine (an anthropologist) [Noel Chrisman,]

Rhoda Halperin, The Livelihood of Kin [Martin Jardon,]

Patricia Beaver (title on Appalachia) [Martin Jardon again]

Hicks, Appalachian Community [Martin Jardon again]

Grigsby, Thomas L. 1976. Buckaroo ranchers: sociocultural
factors related to economic performance among the range livestock
operators of southeastern Oregon. Ph. D. Dissertation, U. of
Oregon, Department of Anthropology. [Phil Young,]

Peggy Barlett, Agricultural Decision Making (and other works)
[Mike Salovesh, and Richard Wilk,]

Paul Rosenblatt (no title given), Department of Family Studies,
University of Minnesota [William Divale,]

Gould Coleman (no title given), [Nancy Grudens Schuck,]

Mike Irwin, ed., From the Ground Up: Wisconsin Sustainable
Farmers. . . . [Dave Campbell,]

(no author) Culture and Agriculture []

John Bennett, Of Time and Enterprise (among others?)

(no author given) Planting for the Future, 1995, Iowa State
University. [J. Haapala,]

Merrill Ewart (no titles), Department of Education, Cornell [Pat

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, UW-Madison, various
publications and methodology materials [Paul Dietmann,]

USDA National Agricultural Library [Prentiss de Jesus,]

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (a summary of
case studies, methodology materials [Helene Murray,]

George Boody, (no titles) Land Stewardship Project at White Bear
Lake, MN [Ron Kroese,]

Additions from J. Lozier

Marty Strange, Family Farming (1988)

Richard Rhodes, Farm: a year in the life of an American farmer

Michael Chibnik, Farm work and field work (1987)

Harry Schwarzweller, Ed., Focus on Agriculture

Peggy Barlett, Part-time farming, in Rural Sociology 1986

John M. Faragher, Sugar Creek (1986)