Re: Chinese Authorities and human like creature

Thu, 15 Jun 1995 20:55:00 CDT

This sort of story surfaces periodically in China. Most recently, the critters
in question have been identified as Macaca arctoides -- the stump-tailed or
"bear" macaque. These have vestigial tails, naked faces with patches of light
pigment, and "beards."

There are a couple of other macaque species with similar features that are also
indigenous to China.

Anj Petto

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>Subject: Chinese Authorities and human like creature
>Reading the teletext recently I saw a news item in the World in Brief
>section. According to a News agency, the Chinese authorities said that
>they had indirect evidence about the existence of hairy human like
>creatures. What is the truth in this matter. Does anyone know more about
>this story?