Bobby Cusson (rrcusson@EOS.NCSU.EDU)
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 21:04:38 EDT

Hello All,

I am a student in an introductory anthropology class, in which our
current assignment is to ask at least three anthropologists to answer a
few basic questions. I understand many of you are tired of seeing these
questions before and are reluctant to reply again.

However, if you have a minute, please be so kind as to reply to the
following mundane questions. Your replies may be as brief as you wish,
even just an abrupt response or your previous responses to other students
would be very helpful; essay answers are not counted upon. Your name
will *NOT* be used in this report.

For those of you who made comments about this assignment, they have
been passed on, but the assignment is still due.

Thank you.
1) What do you see as the difference between applied and basic
2) How and why did you become an anthropologist?
3) Where's one place you've done fieldwork and what did you do?
4) What do you think are some principal contemporary issues in
5) What do you feel are some principal ethical issues in the field?
6) What do you use the Internet for the most?

Thank you again for your brief answers.
- Bobby Cusson