On xenophobia and nuclear testing

ari fainchtein (ari@BEST.COM)
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 22:12:17 -0700

Chris Harris writes:

- All French people have to make the choice to remove the
criminal government they have elected.

- If French Culture gives rise to this essentially nihilistic
behaviour, Then every effort must be made to remove all French
words, food, customs, etc from civilized culture.

- One is reminded of past criminal actions and lies by French
governments, therefore any assurance from the French must be
taken with more than a grain of salt.

- All the above arguments apply equally to Korea, Israel, Britain,
U.S.A, China etc if they choose to develop and/or set off nuclear

How can 'All French people' be counted responsible for the 'criminal
government they elected', when Chirac was elected with a percentage of
votes? Would Chris Harris hold himself responsible for the actions of a
government he did not vote to elect? Or even for a government he voted to
elect but nonetheless acted in ways which he disapprove of? Or are we to
believe that there is one French man out there called Jacques Chirac and
55,000,000 clones?
And how would the Chinese or the Koreans who don't even vote be held
accountable for their governments?

If we were to scrap from 'civilized culture' the languages of those who
developed nuclear weapons or set them off, Chris Harris would not speak

If we were to take with more than a grain of salt the words of those whose
governments have committed crimes against humanity, Chris Harris as a
national of a country (New Zealand, the same goes for Australia - my
country of citizenship) built on the expropriation of indigenous people not
to mention their genocide would only have lies to tell.

Please make intelligent politics - if not, what is the point of wishing to
save the planet and its people? Does the world really need more xenophobia?

Chritine Mathieu