Re: Anthro-L and "degenerate French culture" & On xenophobia and

Wed, 19 Jul 1995 22:11:42 +1200

Hi Andre Costopoulos, Chritine Mathieu, etc

> Your remarks on the perversions to which "French culture" gives
> rise are very badly taken by this French Canadian.

I thought Canada is more evolved than the France, After all your
multicultural society is well known as peace makers.

So what is the Canadian (whatever language) view on the imminent tests ?

The intention of the post was not to offend people with French
origins (which would include myself), But rather to question the
values of a culture which prides its sophistication (from Sophism:
False argument intended to deceive -Concise Oxford dictionary) in
light of their current nuclear policy.

So isn't it time we looked at the Emperors new clothes ?

> Removing all French words from "civilized culture (whatever you
> mean by that)

Civil: ~, polite, not rude, ~ , not naval or military etc
Civilize: Bring out of barbarism, enlighten, etc
-Concise Oxford dictionary

> is hardly going to advance the cause of peace.

Well maybe if everyone refuses to talk to them, they will think
again, Look at South Africa.

> Please keep that sort of xenophobic drivel off Anthro-L.

It is anihilationphobic, not xenophobic, I like Xeno's

Re: On xenophobia and nuclear testing

> How can 'All French people' be counted responsible for the 'criminal
> government they elected', when Chirac was elected with a percentage of
> votes?

I was hoping the French people would try to remove a government
which isn't serving them.

I'm talking action not blame here.

> Would Chris Harris hold himself responsible for the actions of a
> government he did not vote to elect? Or even for a government he
> voted to elect but nonetheless acted in ways which he disapprove
> of?

No! but I do what I can to influence the process.

> Or are we to believe that there is one French man out there called
> Jacques Chirac and 55,000,000 clones?

Why was he voted if he dosn't represent the people ?
Does this show a divergence between the theory and reality of

> And how would the Chinese or the Koreans who don't even vote be
> held accountable for their governments?

Well they try, And sometimes get shot for their trouble :-(
China is changing, I don't know about N.Korea

> If we were to scrap from 'civilized culture' the languages of
> those who developed nuclear weapons or set them off, Chris Harris
> would not speak English.

Ouch - Atomic fisson was discovered by a Kiwi

You probably wouldn't want to hear me try to speak French, My Maori
has gaps to....But I stray

> If we were to take with more than a grain of salt the words of those whose
> governments have committed crimes against humanity, Chris Harris as a
> national of a country (New Zealand, the same goes for Australia - my
> country of citizenship) built on the expropriation of indigenous people not
> to mention their genocide would only have lies to tell.

Lucky we have plenty of uncontaminated salt, We had better stockpile
it while we can though.

The NZ & Oz govt's are responding to past crimes, But we are talking
about atomic tests next month, Not last century

> Please make intelligent politics - if not, what is the point of
> wishing to save the planet and its people?

So we can live and be happy :-)

> Does the world really need more xenophobia?

or anihilationphobic ?

Thank you for your thoughts
- Chris