Geographic specialty in grad school

Susan Sumner (75142.1507@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 00:46:35 EDT

To All,

I am currently entering grad school and, as an undergrad, recently finished a
senior honors thesis entitled, "Breastpumps and childcare in the work place: a
combination of productive and reproductive roles in the public sphere and
analysis of related discourses". I wish to continue a focus upon the manners in
which families combine their productive (meaning an individual's position
within, and relationship to, industrial and political structures) and
reproductive (meaning their position in the life cycle, within the family
structure) roles within the private and public spheres; and the private,
political, and industrial influences that shape the manners in which any one
person will define his(her) individual agency in this experience.

I am currently exploring possible geographical areas and would enjoy hearing
from list members as to areas they feel would lend themselves strongly to such
analysis. I have considered Southern India (due to political changes
influencing individual choices and family structure) and Western Europe
(analyzing the possible changes if the family-support programs undergo changes
in funding).
Besides currently searching for the best possible area academically, I will also
be bringing 3 adolescent children with me during a year of field work (with a
husband commuting as often as possible for 1 to 2 month stays). In addition, I
wish to select a geographic area that would put me in a favorable position when
in the process of applying for positions after the PhD.

Of course, I am discussing this with my professors, but would also appreciate
hearing members of the list's reactions.

My off-list address is:

Thank you in advance!
Susan Sumner