Re: Studying the Reactionary Mind

Anthony Dauer (jackechs@MAIL.EROLS.COM)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 10:21:20 -0500

Yes, the facts are important. If it wasn't for inconsitancies in the
historical record the revisionists wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Six
million is the best guess? No and this is shown by the change to the four
million count by the historical society. I think the experts in the matter
have a better clue than we. My ancestors were both German and Jewish, I
want facts not just his-story. Like the alleged making of soap from the
Hebrews, the Germans were accused of that as well in WWI. The propagana,
however, doesn't fit the reality. There is no way to increase or decrease
the tradegy of the holocaust. As scientists and historians, we should be
very concerned with what the reality is was vice the propagana. You cannot
learn from history, if you don't know the truth.

At 09:07 PM 01/08/96 -0700, Martin Cohen wrote:
>First of all, does it matter if only 4 million Jews died in the Holocaust
>instead of 6 million? Six million is the best guess, and a good one. Lots
>of people disappeared. If you have looked at the denier's web sites, then
>you know that some of the less bold admit to many Jews dying, they just
>attribute it to poor conditions in the camps instead of genocide! Amazing.


Anthony Dauer

Psychopathic killers, however, are not mad, according
to accepted legal and psychiatric standards. Their acts
result not from a deranged mind but from a cold, calculating
rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat
others as thinking, feeling human beings. Such morally
incomprehensible behavior, exhibited by a seemingly normal
person, leaves us feeling bewildered and helpless.

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths
Among Us, 1993. Dr. Robert D. Hare. First Pocket Books
trade paperback printing July 1995.