Studying the Reactionary Mind

Gary Goodman (sap@TANK.ORG)
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 14:01:26 EST

I am starting work on a volume to update and expand the classic works
of Michael Billig, (Fascism: A Social Psychological View of the
National Front. 1978, Psychology, Racism and Fascism. 1979); John
Higham, (Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativisms,
1860-1925. 1955); Richard, Hofstadter, (The Paranoid Style in American
Politics, and Other Essays. 1964, Anti-Intellectualism in American
Life. 1963); Ashley. Montague, (The Human Revolution. 1965, Man's Most
Dangerous Myth. 4th ed. 1964, The Concept of Race. 1964), and others.

The working title is: "The Fear of the Other: Reactionary Thought and
Xenophobic Politics in the Late Twentieth Century."

Right now I am putting together a reading list of the major works on
the subject. Being temporary unattached to a good university (and their
library) and living in the hinterlands of Kentucky, I cannot do the
title searches I like. Besides, I need a filtering down to a manageable
number of texts (though any and all references will find their way into
the bibliography). So anyone who is familiar with reactionary politics
(chiefly American, Canadian, and European), Nazism and Fascism,
Conspiracy Theorists, White Supremacists, and Nativism or related
subject areas -- if you can get the chance in the next few months to
send me a few cites or suggestions of things to be checked out, you
will earn considerable karma, and a profoundly thankful acknowledgment
(unless you prefer to be anon.). I figure about 100 brownie points per
good lead seems about right.

When "finished" it will be part of the offering at The Ultimate
Research Network ( when I can get some common carrier to
provide a decent (at least ISDN) connection here on "the gravel
back-road" of the Information Superhighway.

Merci, gracias, grazie, obrigado, multumiri, danke, dank, tack, tak,
takk, dzuekuje, dekuji, hvala, koszonom, kiitos, tesekkur, terima
kasih, dankon, spasibo, efcharusto, shoukran, todah, kansha suru,
asante, thunks ya-all!

G. D. Goodman, Ph.D (Psych.)

(A partial list is available if anyone wants it... they are not full
cites, author, title, and date only)