Re: field gear - waterproof maps

Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 (bonn@QCVAXA.ACC.QC.EDU)
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 17:55:51 EDT

another inexpensive way to do laminating, is to buy the clear mactac
(looks like clear wall paper - available in hardware stores and some
better book stores). that you just cut to fit and fold around the article.
we laminated many posters recently for use in an outreach program. it cost
us about 1.95 cdn$ per roll and there was enough on one roll to do 2 large
posters (~ 2' x 3') with lots left over for smaller items. this was much
cheaper than laminating which would have cost 12-25 $cdn for the same
job depending on which local/university (ripoff?) operation was quoting
prices. while not quite as nifty looking as real laminating, they
are very well protected. this may prove easier to do in the field than
the saran wrap idea, since you don't need to carry an iron with you, only
the plastic, which has a peeloff backing.

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