New Journals

Momus Publications (momus@CNCT.COM)
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 12:48:42 -0500

Have you ever read a book review where the reviewer had -- in your view --
overpraised or overcriticized the author's work? Or is there a book that
you feel has been overvalued or undervalued in the literature? Have you
ever wished that you could review that book and restore some balance to
the discussion? These new journals will provide that opportunity.

The EVALUATIONS series will be governed by a revolutionary concept:
Contributors may choose the book they wish to review and evaluate!

Any book germane to any area of the named fields above or a related field,
regardless of publication date, may be selected.

Replies to evaluations that have appeared in the EVALUATIONS series
or in other forums are also solicited.

The EVALUATIONS series will accommodate contributions longer than those
traditionally appearing in other journals. Further, contributors will
see their work in print a short time after submission.

If you might be interested in contributing, kindly request a copy of
our Contributors' Guidelines. Add your full name, title, affiliation,
and areas of interest.

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