Re: civilization/violence/aggression thread

Cal Eastman (shiva@FREENET.SCRI.FSU.EDU)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 11:28:12 -0500

i think alot of warfare began not with cities, but with herders,vs farmers.
if u are a pastora;ist, you ned to keep your heards moving for grazing
lands, and need to keep others from stealing your animals.
If you are a farmer you need to keep the herds off of your farm land....
youll find pastoral societies tend to be more martial than horticultural
and agricultural ones....

Boom shiva
mahalinga nataraj
(puffiness 4evah)

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

> cities arose in different ways; one way was for people to gathertogether
> behind walls against predators. In fact, some anthropologists date the
> beginning of warfare from the times of the earliest walled cities. Open
> communities were assumed to be peaceable communities. Ruby